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Scientists have found in Antarctica a new species of moss

Scientists report that close to a station on the island of Galindez found a new species of moss. A new species of moss and evidence of climate change – such results were brought by the Ukrainian scientists from Antarctica. Returned home from two expeditions – the twenty-third and twenty-fourth summer …

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Over Antarctica had fully healed the ozone hole

The ozone hole was first discovered over Antarctica in the 1980-ies. The ozone hole over Antarctica is no longer there. To such conclusion experts of the European space Agency after the processing of data obtained from space satellites, Sentinel-5P. “The first images of the ozone programmes Copernicus Sentinel-5P show the …

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Incredible facts about Antarctica. Photo

It is a continent-record. Here the lowest temperature on earth and the largest reserves of fresh water. The strongest and most prolonged winds. The lowest relative humidity. The most intense solar radiation. Greatest height over the ocean. Antarctica — the continent the most. Dimensions Despite the fact that the white …

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In Antarctica giant iceberg had broken apart

The area of the iceberg reaches up to 267 square kilometers. In Antarctica giant iceberg, which recently broke away from the ice shield shattered into pieces. The area of the huge blocks was up to 267 square kilometers. Now it’s just a bunch of disparate pieces of ice that will …

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