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Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the ancient mummies in “sneakers”

Ученые раскрыли тайну древнейшей мумии в "кроссовках"Mongolian woman eleven centuries ago, was a designer ahead of his time.

It is believed that the famous three stripes on Adidas sneakers appeared after the Second world war.

In those days, many Shoe companies have produced sports shoes, which is to strengthen the construction at the sides was sewn leather straps. Once the founder Adolf Dassler took his products to the exhibition and came to a disappointing conclusion: for the purchaser it is difficult to distinguish its shoes from Shoe competitors. Therefore, it was decided to paint the straps in white, to sneakers conspicuous from afar.

However, it seems that the famous stripes, which brought ADI Dassler the worldwide fame and multi-million dollar capital, was invented long before that – in about the tenth century of our era.

Last spring, archaeologists have unearthed in Western Mongolia and the wonderful burial. Had struck not only a great safety findings, which have been buried for over a thousand years, but mainly shoes women. Her legs sported the same striped “Adidas” for which people went crazy in the late Soviet period!

People who appreciate the incredible more than the obvious, then proceeded to nominate fantastic version, saying that the woman was a time traveler. However, scientists studying the mummy in the course of the year, managed to learn a lot about the mysterious stranger and inclined to a more prosaic version of the appearance of the famous strips in the medieval burial.

The woman was about 30 – 40 years, says Galbato Enkhbat, Director of the Center for cultural heritage of Mongolia. – The cause of her death was head injury – severely damaged facial bones. However, the researchers were unable to determine whether it was a violent death or an accident and injuries were received in the fall.

Burial was in the mountains at an altitude of 2803 meters above sea level and colder climate contributed to the good preservation of the body and burial gifts. Along with the woman was discovered sacrificed horse. It was a Mare 4 – 8 years old. There were vases, saddle, bridle, stirrups and a knife.

– Burial was found to be very fine things, this gave rise to unsophisticated people talking about how they found the burial of a Mongolian Queen, says Galbato Enkhbat. – However, we believe that women’s social status was not so high. We found four sets of outer clothing, made with great taste, beautifully embroidered bag and a set with sewing accessories. The ancients believed that we ought to put things that need a person in the afterlife. And we believe that a woman is likely to have been a seamstress or, as they say, a fashion designer. The world fame of this discovery was due to “Adidas boots”. Overall, the shoes looks weird with this ornament we have not yet encountered. This is a very interesting object for the research of ethnographers. But overall, the boots are stitched very efficiently and functionally: leather shaft reaches to the knee, sole made of durable leather and the socks were embroidered with bright red stripes. Wearing them was comfortable and they looked very impressive.

By and large, doesn’t really matter whether ladies Royal title or not. But the honour with which it was buried, show that talented people are valued at all times. Probably the tribesmen kudesnitsa design had the same influence as Coco Chanel in his generation. And the fact that it was a man with exceptional taste, evident in her products.

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