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Mystery of the special Russian way

The government is doing to its citizens turned into superhumans. If only the top is not clicked on the “red button”. At the forum “Open innovations” SKOLKOVO special representative of the President inadvertently gave a terrible state secret. Slip, not to be his spy. It turns out that obscurantist prohibitions …

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Mystery of the origin of civilization on the Nazca lines

The last lived on a plateau, famous for its geoglyphs. In Peru, archaeologists have studied the ancient pottery found during the excavations in the archaeological complex of Wari in Ayacucho, and found that the first on the territory of that state, the Empire arose through the influence of the civilization …

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Mystery of mass murder of the Neolithic era

The analysis of mitochondrial DNA revealed the presence of six different maternal lines. Mass grave of the late Neolithic in southern Poland contains the remains of 15 men, women and children killed by a blow to the head and carefully buried. About the tragedy that occurred at the site 3,000 …

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Reveals the mystery of the ancient scroll of Canterbury

The manuscript came into the hands of scientists after 1918. Laboratory analysis has helped to discover new facts from the history of Canterbury scroll. Canterbury scroll is a family tree a record of family lines from the biblical Noah to the last of the English Plantagenet kings. Researchers from the …

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ESA has solved the mystery of the toxicity of lunar dust

The European space Agency (ESA) conducts research that is intended to solve the mystery of the toxicity of lunar dust. As reported on the Agency’s website after the astronauts “Apollo” was back on the Ground, the dust covered their spacesuits, make them feel dryness in the throat, and his eyes …

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