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Scientists have solved the ancient mystery of Mars

Ученые разгадали самую древнюю тайну Марса  The researchers answered the question, which for many years tormented by the entire scientific community.

A number of research scientists proves that Mars had favorable conditions for life. They resembled those that were on the Ground.

On Mars growing plants and there was probably animals. But all radically could change the scorching Sun.
According to the theory of researchers, the star of our galaxy had destroyed life on Mars. The high temperature in the Sun was harmful to all living things. The extreme conditions did not contribute to further development. Bodies of water on the surface evaporated, and during this process became extinct all living beings.

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Constant study of the topic of the existence of life on Mars has led to the fact that astrophysics is quite confident in the participation of the Sun in the process of destroying civilization and life conditions on the surface of Mars.

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