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Scientists have proved that potatoes can grow on Mars

Ученые доказали, что картофель может расти на Марсе Experimentally confirmed: the red planet can grow vegetables.

Successfully completed an experiment, which last year began, researchers from the International centre of potato (CIP) in conjunction with consultants from NASA.

In February 2016, scientists put “Mars” potatoes. And in March of this year announced that he ascended. Thus the experimenters almost repeated, it would seem that a very controversial achievement of Mark Watney, an astronaut from the recent sci-Fi movie “the Martian,” which grew potatoes in the greenhouse built on a neighboring planet.

A sealed greenhouse CIP, which is called the CubeSat, was on the Ground – in one of the laboratories of the Peruvian engineering University. The ground for it – very dry and saline – scored in the South in the desert. According to the representative of NASA, Chris McKay, Mars – are almost the same. The conditions inside the greenhouse have created as close to the Mars – low pressure, low oxygen, abundance of carbon dioxide, suitable light.

The soil, of course, watered and fertilized, but not excrement, as did Matt Damon in the Martian, and minerals.

A year later, the sprout went up. Looking at him, one of the leaders of the experiment Julio Valdivia-Silva wept and assured that potatoes can grow on Mars.

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