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Whatever the outcome of Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation trial, it has proved Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan was a disaster

The sensational Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial resumed in Sydney this week, after a month- long delay caused by a serious Covid-19 outbreak that forced the city, together with large parts of Australia, into lockdown. During the break the last contingent of Australian troops was withdrawn from Afghanistan – thereby ending …

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Republican convention proved beyond doubt that the neocons control Trump

“I’m speaking to you from beautiful Jerusalem, looking out over the old city,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, America’s top diplomat and de facto government public relations chief, as he addressed the Republican National Convention from a foreign country. Imagine if the scene had been slightly different, and Pompeo had beamed …

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BBC Denmark has proved that aliens exist

Experts believe that in the near future Denmark will crash the space ship. BBC Denmark has unveiled new data on UFO sightings. It turned out that only the database is already more than 15 thousand cases of meeting aliens. In Copenhagen focused on the fact that the declassified data for …

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NASA proved the interstellar origin of the unusual asteroid

Initially, the object was classified as a comet. NASA scientists proved the interstellar origin of the unusual asteroid, which flew into the Solar system from another galaxy. Celestial body received the designation 1I/U1 2017, where I refers interstellar, “interstellar” and the name Omwamwi. Initially, the object was classified as a …

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