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Scientists have made an incredible discovery about HIV

Ученые сделали невероятное открытие о ВИЧScientists have learned to find the cells in which HIV hides

American biologists have discovered the gene that turns on only if the cell is a sleeping human immunodeficiency virus.

About his discovery, the researchers reported in the journal Nature Medicine. At the moment, people suffering from HIV can live ten years, thanks to antiretroviral drugs. However, because of the strong side effects of medication may be suspended for a few weeks.

In this case, the virus starts to duplicate itself and returns to the original extent of the infection for two or three weeks. According to scientists, even a small number of cells with latent virus is enough to rekindle infection after discontinuation of treatment. Now, researchers have found a solution to this problem, watching as the full and defective HIV particles penetrate into cancer cells and change their work in the presence and in the absence of immune cells.

It turned out that human cells infected with HIV have a unique feature – they produce a large number of beta galaxies, an enzyme used by the virus to build its shell. Normal cells do not produce these molecules, as the gene responsible for their production, is inserted in the DNA by the human immunodeficiency virus and has no analogues in the human genome.

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Accordingly, the presence of the molecules of the enzyme or manufactured sugars can almost with absolute certainty to say that in a cage hiding HIV. Using a similar methodology for analyzing the blood of HIV-infected people, researchers found that in their body 70 times more infected cells than previously thought.

Similar results, as scientists believe, may explain why HIV can quickly recover your lost “gains” after cessation of medication. Earlier it was reported that scientists had successfully tested a vaccine against HIV. Scientists have taught a rodent’s immune system to recognize the HIV particle by using a “cocktail” of specific proteins, similar in structure to the shell of the virus.

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