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Rejuvenate the skin will help this berry

Омолодить кожу поможет эта ягодаFamous Ukrainian nutritionist Kseniya Kovalenko told about the usefulness of grapes.

On the page in Instagram, she recalled why every woman, if she wants to be with a beautiful skin, you need to eat ripe berries.

As explained Kovalenko, grapes stimulates the synthesis of collagen, and also rejuvenates the entire body.

“Usefulness. A good source of b vitamins Contains a lot of minerals, including cobalt and silicon. The grapes and is considered to be a stimulator of collagen synthesis. In 100 g of grapes – 13 mg silicon at a daily rate of 30 mg. vitamin C and vitamin P, which helps absorb and store vitamin C,” said the nutritionist.

She also explained the difference of white and black grapes.

“Fundamentally, the only difference is taste, however there is one point. All know the grapes of the Isabella. This dark blue with a deep flavor of black currant and strawberry. In Europe and the United States is prohibited to produce wines of this variety because of its high content of methanol in the outgoing product. Methanol is a very toxic alcohol. If you use more than 10 ml into the causes severe poisoning, more than 80 ml is fatal,” warned nutritionist.

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She added that the grape itself is very useful.

“Red grapes – quality source of antioxidants, in particular of the multitude of flavonoids. Again, the quality of the skin – antioxidants help rejuvenate the entire body and help healthy cells fight the armies of free radicals. And perform the bactericidal function, normalize blood pressure, increase hemoglobin. And my favorite: detox the liver from toxins and help faster recovery from anything, be it trauma, stress or surgery” – said the expert.

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Kovalenko also said on acceptable servings of grapes.

“Weight loss – 15 grapes 1 meal. Anything more will cause a spike of glucose and then you are unlikely to pacify sugar cravings throughout the day. While grapes can take 1 fruit. For example, 15 pieces of grapes + 1 Apple. This is like a snack. Stabilization – 30 PCs don’t eat at night, don’t eat alcohol. To the cream cheese, in a salad, as a snack,” concluded the nutritionist.

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