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Recommendations that will help to choose the right strawberry

Рекомендации, которые помогут правильно выбрать клубникуHow to choose delicious strawberries without harm to health.

Strawberry season is just beginning, so it’s important not to make a mistake and buy a berry that can’t hurt.

To distinguish natural strawberries from a “chemical” is very easy. To get started is to pay attention to smell: strawberries should smell like strawberries. If the berries smell of some one else smell- better off buying.

You should not choose is also a perfect glossy berry. This strawberry was definitely processed and contains a lot of harmful substances. Berries should be dry, have a natural color and appearance.

Also remember that even natural berries contain nitrates. Therefore, should not be abused early berries, because they can lead to poisoning. It is better to gradually introduce fresh foods to your diet.

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