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Pregnancy: how to avoid mistakes in the accuracy of the results

Беременность: как не ошибиться в точности результатовIn the early stages is quite difficult to accurately say whether you are pregnant or not.

Available version of the definition of pregnancy – the use of the test. This test can be purchased at any pharmacy. The accuracy of the results, as a rule, is 95%.

About symptoms

Delay, change of smell, new taste, all this may push a woman thinking about pregnancy. However, it is understood that reliable signs of pregnancy occur not earlier than the fifth week. This is calculated from the date of the onset of the last menstrual period. Some women are too insecure and many can appear about the symptoms of pregnancy even before the onset of menstruation. Here is a sample list of false symptoms are:

•A change in tastes;

•Smells that previously liked become unbearable;


•Constant fatigue;

•Swelling of the mammary glands.

These signs can not with one hundred percent certainty can indicate a pregnancy, however it is not necessary at all to exclude it. If you already have a delay period and there is similar symptoms, you can do a pregnancy test.

Reliable signs

To the true signs of pregnancy include the following:

•Delay more than 7 days. With this long absence of menstruation should consult a doctor. Analysis HCG can with 100% accuracy to establish a pregnancy;

•Nausea (mainly mornings);

•Symptoms with the common cold;

•Frequent urination. This phenomenon arises from the fact that the fertilized egg attached to the uterine wall and the woman there is a feeling of constant fullness of the bladder.

How to determine pregnancy yourself?

I need to start to listen to their inner feelings. Many women talk about what was learned about the situation during the first weeks after conception. Others, on the contrary, did not realize it until symptoms of reliable symptoms. To calm down and to know for sure, I advise you to take a test or go on consultation to the doctor-gynecologist.

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