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Oncologists named one of the main reasons of

Онкологи назвали одну из главных причин ракаScientists have discovered the relationship between cancer and malnutrition.

Annually the scientists of different institutes conducting clinical research in order to find a single cure for cancer, and to identify the reasons due to which the body of the person there are cancer cells and malignant tumors. At this time, the researchers were able to draw a parallel between what a person eats and his potential of becoming cancer patients.

As it turned out, the wrong food, which often leads to the recruitment of overweight and obesity, this is the main reason for the development of cancer. Particularly at risk of cancer of the stomach, esophagus or intestine people who lead a passive lifestyle, overeat, eat a lot of fat and calories, but most importantly – suffer from a form of obesity.

Obesity is the enemy of health number 1

Scientists have found that overweight in childhood or youth can also lead to cancer, only in a more Mature age. The fact is that obesity promotes vasodilation, as well as premature aging of internal organs, including the heart. Plus, people with excess weight liver and other organs increase in size, which by itself is already not healthy.

Do not forget that in obesity fat acquire vital organs and digestive system get to a greater extent toxins, preservatives, carcinogens and other substances damaging to their health.

What to do to not get cancer risk?

Keep normal your weight! So I will answer any physician, because obesity not only contributes to the development of cancer, but many other diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, cirrhosis of liver, cholelithiasis and so on.

To lead a healthy lifestyle. Moderate physical activity, eating right and avoiding harmful habits will prolong your life and make sure you were healthy.

To strengthen the immune system. Most fat people have weakened immune systems. That is, their body can not fully protect against the virus, bacteria and other microorganisms, as well as cancer cells. It is therefore very important to be slim and strengthen the immune system, so he could fight for your life.

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