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Nutritionists suggested how to lose weight without restricting your diet

Диетологи подсказали, как похудеть, не ограничивая себя в едеNutritionists recommend to use them at the same time, in order to achieve the best result.

There is a maximum number of techniques of weight loss, but they are all based on diets and regular workouts. Although nutritionists have taken care of those people who have no time to go to the gym or to cook a “sudochki” food for work.

They offer to refuse from fat and sweet foods, and a daily recourse to the following methods of weight loss: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. To take a cold shower or pour cold water. This procedure will take care of your skin, eliminate cellulite and make it more soft, moisturized and most importantly – elastic, which in the process of losing weight is very important.

2. To drink the special coffee. If you already drink coffee, then cinnamon. This spice has a unique opportunity “the elimination of fat cells and toxins”, which is beneficial not only to the appearance of man, but also on the work of its intestines. Metabolism and just coffee is accelerated, and if you add cinnamon, then the process will be even faster.

3. To include in the diet pineapples. This exotic fruit is a great appetite suppressant. So if you fight long with his excessive appetite, eat a slice of fresh pineapple for 15 minutes before eating.

4. Instead of all the alcoholic drinks you used to drink, choose red wine. It will be good for you, or rather your figure. The fact is that wine helps dull the feeling of hunger, and this at the hands of those who in the evening he used to overeat. Pre-dinner drink 50-100 ml of wine could be enough to perehotelos to eat three portions as usual.

5. Learn how long to chew food. Yes, this method nutritionists called the most boring, but very effective. While you’re chewing, the body will have time to give you the signal of saturation sooner than you could imagine.

6. Brush your teeth after a meal. This method will allow you not to miss anything between meals. No candy, cakes and other products, which may again stain your teeth.

7. Keep a food diary. Experts are confident that the people that writes everything that you have eaten during the day, with time to stop randomly to eat and begin to lose weight.

8. Massage. You can go for a massage or want it themselves at home. The main thing – to have the desire and ability to give your body adequate attention. Thanks to the massage will improve skin condition and decrease the volume, so this procedure is a prerequisite for weight loss.

9. Replace the plates on the saucer, and mug miniature Cup. Optimal reduction of portions will help you to quickly get rid of excess weight, but you don’t have to sit on any diet.

10. More to be outdoors than indoors. The oxygen entering the blood, heals people from the inside. Moreover, in the fresh air a person usually does not stand still, and walks that will be very useful in the process of weight loss.

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