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Nutritionists suggested how to eat during lent

Диетологи подсказали, как правильно питаться во время постаThis year the lent will last from February 27 to April 15.

He is particularly strict as regards supply. During lent should be excluded from the diet of meat, eggs, dairy products, sweets, alcohol and all sorts of excesses.

The ban is imposed not only in eating, but it is also prohibited to spend this time in a fun and pleasures.

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In lent it is not recommended to eat food of animal origin – meat, eggs, milk. However, allowed to eat fish, but only in the celebrations of palm Sunday and the Annunciation.

But, we should not forget that lent is not an Orthodox diet, and the purpose of fasting is not so much the cleansing of the stomach, as the purification of the human soul.

It should be remembered that the main purpose of fasting is spiritual purification. Don’t see it as a diet or detox program. Even if you expect to lose weight during lent, such an attempt is unlikely to result in success. In the end, you still come back to the normal power mode, and the exhausted body not only will gain all the lost weight back, but and bring a few top.

So you’ve decided to keep fasting for spiritual purification. Where to start? Professionals shared tips and tricks to minimize stress, which inevitably will experience your body while fasting.

Take care of the gut

The microflora of the drastic restrictions in food suffering in the first place. This should be considered and taken care of in advance, in order not to be in the doctor’s office.

What happens to the intestinal microflora during lent? If giving up meat for a few days, the body will perceive positively and get rid of unnecessary toxins, the refusal of dairy products will be a hit. Include in the diet of oatmeal and sauerkraut. They will help to normalize the gastrointestinal tract and easier to survive the rejection of the favorite dairy products.

Include in the diet calcium

In the absence of dietary fermented milk products for a long time also leads to deficiency of calcium in the body. This element is just vital for a healthy nervous system, heart and blood vessels, bones and teeth.

To fill the shortage of calcium in the body, eat more sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, nuts (especially almonds), cabbage and spinach. These products also have calcium, which will help you to survive in post without noticeable loss.


If you think that the diet in the post too monotonous, you are mistaken. The allowed list includes a huge number of tasty and healthy products, from which you can prepare really tasty meals.

In the post you can eat grains, cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits, seeds and nuts. Fasting people, by contrast, are in constant search of interesting and original recipes, because the variety helps to keep motivation.

Drink plenty of fluids

Post literate it is important to observe the drinking regime. Be sure to drink plenty of pure drinking water and green tea. Sometimes the body mistakenly takes the usual thirst for hunger. Plus nobody cancelled action of the usual psychological technique, when the famine “covered” with water, as it fills the bowel. In some cases it can help.

Replace animal protein vegetable

The body is noticeably suffering from a sharp shortage of animal protein in the diet. Be sure to consider in advance what alternatives meat will surely enjoy. A lot of vegetable protein contains all types of legumes and soy products (e.g. tofu cheese). This is quite rich and nutritious food, without which your diet in the post will be poor, monotonous and not very useful.

Follow fats

If you strictly observe lent, you probably know that some foods you can’t add even vegetable oil. Our body inevitably suffers without the healthy fats, so it is important to fill the gap. This will help you foods that contain high amounts of omega-3 and omega-6. This, for example, nuts, seeds and avocados.

Remember the glycemic index

Different foods have different glycemic index. The higher it is, the more increases the level of blood sugar. As a result, the hunger only intensifies, in a post very fraught. With caution eat sweet fruits and vegetables, as well as the maximum eliminate from your diet potatoes, white rice and pasta. They have a fairly high glycemic index.

Think positive

Remember that fasting is primarily a spiritual cleansing, not a diet. The most important thing is to think positively, to do good deeds and to abandon the obvious entertainment events during this period. Dietary restrictions are perceived exclusively as an auxiliary tool, so that the purification was complete: both the spiritual and the bodily. If you accumulate a grudge, get angry and do bad deeds, but observe lent, then you probably will not reach the main goal. Think positive and be kind to each other!

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