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Nutritionists have suggested that there are arthritis

Диетологи подсказали, что есть при артритеJoint health depends largely on nutrition.

The pain is different, but whatever the cause was, people have the desire to get rid of it. The abundance of painkillers in pharmacies not always solve the problem if it is constant. Sometimes the pain symptoms can be prevented, it is better than later to take pills. What to do to avoid pain in the joints, if the chart is already a diagnosis of arthritis or osteoarthritis? Try to understand.

How to ease symptoms through diet, rather “antedate”? Foods that cause inflammation in the joints, it is recommended not to include in the menu, and to exclude from it. Here is a list of ten of the most notorious provocateurs discomfort by removing from the menu which one can hope to alleviate the condition.

Red meat and its by-products causes pain in the joints in arthritis

What meat did not hit joints? First, not all of it, but only the so-called red. It’s beef, lamb, pork and duck. In these foods contain purines (compounds present in the cells of all living organisms) that with the destruction in the process of meat processing are converted into uric acid. In small quantities it acts in the human body as an antioxidant and protects blood vessels. But in excess of — accumulates in joints, tendons, kidneys and other organs that could be dangerous with arthritis. This deposition of uric acid crystals is called gouty arthritis, accompanied by joint pain.

Second, the nitrites used in the processing of meat into sausages, bacon, ham, etc. Nitrites are the preservative, prevents the growth of bacteria, improve the color of meat products, give a salty taste. But when excess in the body under the influence of enzymes, they form nitrosyl ions that affect the hemoglobin, preventing oxygen transport. Deficiency leads to inflammation and increased pain in arthritic joints.

Is processed meat better eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Reducing sugar consumption makes it easier for arthritis

The sugar content in beverages and confectionery products exceed all reasonable standards. Sugar activates inflammatory processes in the body, which negatively affects the joints, and so “get” in arthritic diseases.

Also the consumption of high-calorie source of sweetness leads to weight gain, causing suffering and joints. They account for the main load during the movement. If you really want “sweet” recommend sugar to replace with honey to eat more summer fruits. And purchase drinks with sweeteners will have to forget, it is healthier to drink kvass, fruit drinks, pure water.

Giving up milk and dairy products will reduce severe pain

Severe pain with arthritic diseases of the joints can be reduced if for some time to exclude from their diet milk and its processing products. The reason for this decision is the high level of casein, which adversely affects the articular cartilage. Drinking milk arthritis in large quantities is not necessary, as it can provoke inflammation in the joints, which makes the experience of the person diagnosed with arthritis pain while walking, moving arms, restricting them.

Corn oil has no place in the diet

Despite the many beneficial qualities in corn oil, some of its properties dictate the need for diet restrictions. We are talking about high contents in the finished product of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6, which in moderate amounts is essential for normal growth and development. In overdose they may come to an amplification of the inflammatory processes that result in pain in the joints of persons suffering from articular diseases.

There is no need to completely eliminate corn oil from your diet, but not at the time of acute illness is desirable. You should continue to use this product in moderation. Alternative it is recommended to use olive oil, Flaxseed or pumpkin.

White wheat flour is replaced with whole wheat

Bread products made with white flour have a high glycemic index (GI) and is in the table on the Montignac count “bad” carbohydrates. This means that contained in white bread carbs are very quickly digested and increase blood sugar levels. Constant and excessive consumption of foods with high glycemic index causes a disturbance of metabolic processes in the body and leads to obesity and increased burden on the joints. Pain in the joints means the resumption of the inflammatory process.

In order to prevent unpleasant pain, it is recommended to replace the grain products from refined flour for baking from whole grain. In this embodiment, in the final product contains all the nutrients from the germ and shell of the wheat: amino acids, vitamins, enzymes.

Temporarily do without eggs

Regular and excessive consumption of eggs may lead to increased swelling and pain in the joints will intensify. To back severe pain, exclude for the time the eggs from your diet. Undoubtedly, they are helpful since they contain all essential amino acids, macro – and micronutrients, vitamins, etc.

Then they can be gradually and carefully return to the menu if they cannot be avoided. However, remember that eggs contain saturated fats (saturated fatty acids), excessive consumption (more than 15 g per day) may provoke inflammation and pain in the joints.

Whey protein is not always useful

Whey protein is obtained from milk can also contribute to inflammation and joint pain. Shown this protein to the growing children, athletes, body builders to increase muscle mass thanks to high protein content.

However, for people suffering from gout, excess in the diet leads to the formation of uric acid in the body, which can accumulate in the joints, damaging them. If you have to withdraw from protein supplements, you can choose source of easily digestible protein nuts, seeds, legumes.

Salt — white enemy

People suffering from joint pain, the use of table salt is recommended to reduce significantly. Gradually you can switch to sea salt. Also you should avoid products with preservatives (sausage, canned goods, meats and many other products shelf stable). The salt content in them significantly exceeds the body’s needs. Excess causes swelling, which affect our joints.

Food additive with monosodium glutamate

The food additive monosodium glutamate (E621) is widely used in modern food production. Call it “flavoring”. This artificial additive is very harmful for people who are already suffering from inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. To avoid negative impacts, try to eat fresh food prepared at home. Also worth checking out the products for the presence of aspartame (artificial sweetener), which can provoke an inflammatory process in the joints that causes pain.

Don’t drink beer — live without pain

Excessive consumption of beer and other alcoholic beverages affects the joints, causes the development of gout. Beer contains purine that is converted in the body into uric acid which can cause inflammation. Besides, beer is made with gluten, so it’s best to avoid it in severe pain in the joints.

In conclusion, all the above tips are not a dogma. Whether diet or “antedate” a specific person — decides physician. And to try to exclude from the diet of 10 products and feel the relief in the joints is worth it.

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