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Nutritionists have refuted the myth of the pasta

Диетологи опровергли миф о макаронах5 benefits to health from regular consumption of pasta

There is a widespread view that the pasta made from wheat flour, does not bring any benefit to the body and only facilitated the increment of excess weight. However, experts in the field of healthy nutrition of Germany denied this.

Enriched with protein. One serving of pasta or pasta weighing just 100 grams contains 12,5 protein. It provides long-lasting feeling of fullness, takes on the flavor of the product, promotes lean body mass and performs other useful functions in the body.

Contain fiber. Pasta is a great combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and dietary fiber. 100 grams of pasta from whole wheat flour contains 3.5-4 times more fiber than pasta flour that is 2.5 G.

Do not contain unhealthy fats. According to the study published in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes, eating pasta is not a cause of obesity. On the contrary, this dish is associated with a low body mass index. Do not forget that pasta is part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

A low glycemic index. Widely known fact is that refined flour is hard to digest, it increases the level of insulin in the blood over a long period of time. However, when cooking pasta, the glycemic index is reduced, so that a strong rapid rise in blood sugar will not.

Reduces the risk of infections. Several studies have shown that regular pontarelli pasta from whole wheat flour may reduce the risk of chronic health problems like cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and problems with digestion. This dish does not increase cholesterol, but is an excellent source of carbohydrates and nutrients.

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