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Nutritionists have called the best vegetable for cleansing the body

Диетологи назвали лучший овощ для очищения организмаIt became known benefits of celery for health and figure.

We all know that maintaining a healthy body weight allows you to provide a better quality of life. In order to stay slim and healthy, it is important to add to your diet vegetables.

One of the most useful vegetables for weight loss is celery.

The caloric content of celery (100 grams): 16 calories. Nutritional value (per 100g): fat – 0.2 g, protein 0.7 g, carbohydrates – 3D.

The energy value of celery is so small that you can eat it by the kilo and never recovered. Do you know why? Because celery belongs to the negative calorie foods. That is, to digest a stalk or celery, the body spends twice more energy, than receives from the product. Therefore, the more you eat celery, the faster you will lose weight.

The benefits of celery for health
Celery contains a large amount of water – about 95%. Therefore, the vegetable has diuretic properties. Nutrients and minerals in celery help to cleanse the blood of toxins, eliminate excess fluid and fat from the body. Dietary fibers contained in the stalk and in the root of the celery improves functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, help to prevent stomach cancer and colon cancer. In addition, the vegetable has anti-inflammatory properties that help to control blood pressure and help fight insomnia. Celery can even lower the temperature and helps to remove the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Celery contains large amounts of vitamin K – 37% of the daily value per Cup of raw celery and 71% for the same amount of boiled celery root. Vitamin K improves the blood and supports bone health. In celery contains a lot of potassium, which protects nerve cells and supports the cardiovascular system.

The use of celery for weight loss
Celery contains enough nutrients to support health is normal during weight loss. For example, it contains dietary fibers, type of carbohydrates, which help to control appetite. Fibers absorb water and help to fill your stomach, relieving hunger for 3-4 hours. Besides, fiber-rich foods typically require a longer chewing, so you eat not so much product. A glass of raw celery is 1% of daily calories, but contains 6% of the daily value of fiber. Boiled celery root contains more fiber, accounting for 10% of the daily value per Cup.

Ideas for snacks with celery
Replace all snacks throughout the day on celery and you’ll lose weight without even dieting. Make sticks of celery and sticks of carrots, correctly to eat at home and at work. Celery also goes well with hummus.

If you want to make a sweet and healthy snack, cut up celery sticks, fry them in natural almond butter, sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon and send them all for a minute in the microwave. A great alternative to baked apples.

You can also make a green smoothie for weight loss. Just upload in the blender first cucumber, a few sticks of celery, a bit of mint, 1-2 kiwis, and 100 ml of water. Whisk until smooth, and drink on an empty stomach to speed up metabolism and lose weight faster.

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