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Nutritionists called the most useful of porridge for the health

Диетологи назвали самую полезную кашу для здоровья18 reasons to start eating barley porridge today.

Crushed barley – barley grits – easily turns to mush. But we rarely eat and even more rarely give children. And for good reason.

Barley porridge is very useful.

Cereals in the diet of the child appear very early. It and vegetable puree – the first feeding of the child. Of course, barley porridge will not be first in the baby’s diet. It should offer the kid who turned two years. And if you do it right, then this useful grain becomes an important source of vitamins and minerals for you and your children. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

18 useful properties of barley porridge

Barley porridge is quite tasty, quickly prepared, suitable for both adults and children (after one and a half to two years), and has many useful properties.

Substances contained in jacke almost completely absorbed by the body, helping to digest and the nutrients from other foods.

Like all other cereals, barley porridge helps the intestines, removes harmful substances from the body due to high content of fiber.

ACCA coats the stomach wall than accelerates recovery from ulcers and gastritis.

Dietary fiber also for a long time give a feeling of satiety, which is good for dieters.

Porridge does not lead to sharp spikes in the level of insulin in the blood, and provides a slow and continuous flow of energy in the body. What is the prevention of diabetes and obesity, and diseases of the pancreas.

Helps to normalize cholesterol and stimulates the destruction of the plaque, and thus the cleansing of the vessels, which, in turn, is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Normalizes hormone production and regulates thyroid function.

Is the prevention of cancer diseases, inhibiting them.

Reduces the manifestation of various allergic reactions.

Useful after a serious illness in the rehabilitation phase.

Very good for gentle cleansing of the kidneys and liver due to its diuretic properties.

Diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties acci also important in the treatment of arthritis.

The amino acids contained in cereal, stimulate collagen production, which means that the porridge is useful for anyone who wants to look young and beautiful for a long time.

On the basis of barley cereal developed a special diet for weight loss, which gently and allow to quickly lose weight sitting on the gruel for a few days in the month (except it will only allow fruit and non-fat yogurt).

Thanks to its unique composition, this mess allows you to reduce the stress level and increases energy level.

The most important substance, which boasts ACCA – Gardenin — it has marked antibacterial and antifungal properties. And so it is advised to take in various diseases caused by these mikroorganizmami. Angina this mess makes perfect, after all, has enveloping properties that helps alleviate the pain.

A decoction of this cereal is useful in kidney stones, cough, inflamed mucous membranes of the nasopharynx.

Porridge, of course, cannot be the primary means of treatment of the mentioned diseases, but it is very good as an aid and suitable for all as preventive maintenance. In addition, in the spring all kinds of cereals is still almost the main source of vitamins, therefore, they should be in your diet is necessary.

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