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New year’s fever: the best ways to relieve stress

Предновогодняя горячка: лучшие способы снятия стрессаPsychologists suggested, without harm to health to calm the nerves get up to mischief before the New year.

Before the New 2018 there are only two days, and after him will be a full moon, so many people are now strained to the limit and it seems that’s about to explode. The psyche is not a joke, and the holidays ahead, I want to be positive, and not in a deep depression.

Anyone because of pre-Christmas bustle nerves, psychologists recommend:

Make a plan before the New year. From this list you can cross off one item after he has done it. Maybe some paragraphs and cross out all unnecessary. You have to understand that everything is unreal. More precisely, it is possible, but what efforts you have to make? To slip off the foot at 23:45 and celebrate the New year in a sad condition – it’s not your dream? So why overdo it and spoil your nerves?

You don’t owe anyone anything. This is a great rule that is the key to a happy New year. If you do everything for everyone, set the table, buy gifts, decorate the house, put the Christmas tree and decorating it, doing General cleaning, washing, Ironing and other important things that need to be done before the holiday, then finally throw everything and ask yourself exactly what you want. Maybe you want to celebrate the New year at the restaurant, or alone with your loved one, or even dream to go to bed at 22:00 and not wait for the battle chimes. Put off all your tasks that you are supposed to do, and enjoy what brings you pleasure.

Emergency stop. When you feel that your brain has ceased to digest the information coming out of your ears pairs of feet are buzzing and I want to bite all around stay. Get a room and ask them not to disturb you for a hour or two. Sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and dream about something pleasant. Grab a Cup of your favorite coffee or mint tea, watch a good movie, which probably left you in memory after the previous viewing. Try to explain that you can not change fundamentally in the current situation when things don’t go according to plan. Calm down and exit to present itself.

Leave all your grievances and conflicts in the past, they no longer teasing you and not spoil your holiday mood. Astrologers claim that the year of the Rooster was the vast majority of people is complex, so that not only you are bad, and that was better – forgive the offenders, to make peace with those who had a big fight in 2017, Express gratitude to everyone who has made your life different in a good way or a bad way, because all that is done, the better.

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