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Named the previously unknown causes of obesity

Названы неизвестные ранее причины ожиренияObesity, which is one of the main problems of humanity, can now be caused not only by the imbalance between the consumption of food and energy consumption, but also external factors.

Among them, the experts of the Medical University of South Carolina called oil.

Scientists came to this conclusion, figuring out the cause of the obesity epidemic in the Gulf of Mexico, where, after 2010, began to increase the weight of people.

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The results of the study showed that this could be due to the catastrophic oil spill in the same year. After an explosion on an oil platform in the ocean resulted in more than 750 million liters of oil. Cleaning water spent more than seven million litres of dispersant.

In medical tests local residents were obese turned out to be a large number of crude oil and dispersing agents, trapped in the body from the environment.

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Based on its findings, scientists stressed that such chemical components are used in many household cleaners, deodorants, hair dye, nail Polish and even in laxative for pregnant women.

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