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Named the most useful varieties of honey

Названы самые полезные сорта медаWhat kind of honey to give preference.

Despite the fact that honey is about 80 percent composed of sugars, varieties differ not only in color, consistency, aroma, but the taste. There are more than 100 sorts of honey, the taste and useful properties of the most common of which we will tell you.

Acacia honey is considered the best among connoisseurs and gourmets, the color of it is almost transparent with a slight yellowish or greenish tinge. This honey is very liquid and slowly kristallizuetsya. It is recommended as a remedy for insomnia, useful for the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

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Buckwheat honey can be from dark yellow to dark brown color with a reddish tinge, like for its strong aroma and spicy taste. Used in folk medicine as a strong germicide. Due to the high iron content of honey is useful for anemia. Buckwheat honey is perfect for baking cakes.

Chestnut honey harvested in southern regions, its color varies from amber to dark brown. Has a specific taste and a strong herbal aroma. Chestnut honey has a share of honeydew, which makes it particularly rich in minerals and enzymes.

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Linden honey is, perhaps, the most popular. For Linden honey characteristic light yellow color with a whitish hue. Has a delicate taste, depending on the collection site may have a slight bitterness. An excellent tool for the treatment and prevention of all kinds of colds and asthma.

Polimernye varieties of honey have no pronounced taste, but have a rich bouquet and combine the useful properties of several plants. This honey is ideal for everyday use for the General prevention of the body and strengthen the immune system.

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