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Named the best drinks for effective weight loss

Названы лучшие напитки для эффективного похуденияThese healthy drinks are reduce appetite.

Many of us believe that wanting to lose weight should eat less. This is partly true, but not always possible. And is there a way to reduce appetite? It is!

And the best assistants in this will be healthy drinks.

Water with honey and lemon

If you add in a glass of water a teaspoon of honey and a few lemon slices, you can quickly reduce appetite. Moreover, this drink is a great help for toning the body and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. And for good digestion it is a real find! Those who are allergic to honey, do not be upset — not worse will work the water with lemon, especially if you drink it in the morning. A surge of strength, lightness and vivacity will be provided to you! - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Cranberry juice

It not only reduces even the most gargantuan appetite, but also helps maintain body tone and gives a huge energy boost. However, to taming the appetite is fine any Morse — to make it, simply mix fresh or frozen berries with water. But the sugar in this case, add is not worth it — better to saturate the body with vitamins, enjoying the wonderful natural taste of the drink.


Oddly enough, but the compote really excellent saturate the body. Especially good compote of fresh berries and fruits — strawberries, raspberries, cherries. Sugar, as in fruit drinks, add is not recommended. If you want to give the compote a rich taste, you can add some honey (a tablespoon for every two quarts of water).

Milk drinks

If you regularly drink curdled milk, fermented baked milk or yogurt, you can not only curb your appetite, but fast enough to clean it. However, it will have to replace them any of the usual meals. And one more important thing: it is intended to reduce appetite milk drinks must have a low fat content.

A decoction of the dried fruit

To prepare this drink, in a quart of boiling water, it is necessary to throw a handful of dried fruit — prunes, apples and apricots. Dried fruit is boiled for fifteen minutes, then remove the pan from the heat and allow the drink to cool down. Such broth drink several times a day, breaking it into portions of 200 ml, a delicious drink is very effectively reduces appetite.


Helping to cope with hunger, it contributes to the speedy weight loss, as well as significant acceleration of metabolism. Moreover, will allow to cope with constipation, heartburn and heaviness in the stomach, reduce cholesterol and sugar levels and also to normalize the intestinal microflora. Summer pudding is best drunk chilled, and in the winter season for prevention need a little to heat it.

Juices with water

With water you can mix almost any fruit or vegetable juices, however, are considered to be the most delicious smoothies from rhubarb, orange or beet juice (in a glass of water take two tablespoons of the above juice) and carrot (25:75), Apple (25:75) . By the way, during the heat, you can add in these drinks the ice, it will make them more refreshing.

Broth hips

Dried berries rose hips (level tablespoon) pour a pint of boiling water and allow to infuse for about half an hour, then add in the drink a teaspoon of honey. This drink will help reduce the appetite and enhance the body’s resistance to various infections. And for good reason — a decoction of rose hips is very useful, so don’t underestimate his favor.

Green tea

This tea is rich in antioxidants, incredibly effectively acts on leptin — the hormone responsible for appetite. So immediately as soon as the appetite, you can treat yourself to a Cup of tasty green tea. It is noteworthy that green tea can be consumed in any volume, and it does not matter hot or cold. It will quickly saturate the blood with natural minerals and vitamins, strengthen blood vessels and to successfully cope with dehydration. And in order to make this miraculous beverage the maximum benefit, it’s best to drink it without sugar. If desired, the sugar can be replaced with dried fruit or honey.

Herbal teas and decoctions

Great help reduce appetite and some herbal teas — with this task perfectly cope bearberry (also, it is very useful for the nervous system) corn silk, parsley, mint, Silybum, fennel seeds, nettles and some other herbs. The ability to reduce appetite can boast of many herbs, and you can use them separately and as part of fees. You can prepare a decoction of flax seed: a teaspoon of raw brewed with a small amount of boiling water, then insist a couple of hours and take about a half hour before the meal. Systematic intake of this decoction helps to strengthen the immune system and normalize blood sugar levels. It is vital to remember that any herbal teas or decoctions should be drunk freshly brewed exclusively if they stand up for an hour or two, most of the major beneficial properties they will be irretrievably lost.

What not to drink

The main enemy of losing weight is the sweet soda — it triggers the stomach to the secretion of causing the feeling of hunger enzymes. In addition, soda is incredibly high in calories, which in turn hinders the weight loss. Shouldn’t drink beer and vermouth — they contribute to a substantial improvement in the appetite, which is extremely desirable for anyone who wants to get rid of extra pounds. Lose weight with pleasure, adjusting your appetite with your favorite beverage and saturating the body with useful vitamins!

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