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Named products, which can cause sudden fatigue

Названы продукты, которые могут вызвать резкую усталостьDoctors have found a new cause of fatigue in the middle of the day.

If you begin to notice that you are exhausted already to the middle of the day, perhaps the problem is in the diet. Experts have compiled a list of products that negatively affect health and contribute to rapid fatigue, according to the Chronicle.Info with reference to health info.

Adjust your diet!

White bread

If earlier you thought that white bread is seriously only hurting your figure, we have some bad news: the body it acts exactly the same as all the harmful carbohydrates, namely stimulates the pancreas and triggers the fast release of insulin.

These processes in our body, we feel as reduced vitality, fatigue and, even worse, increased appetite. It is important that white bread by itself has a low nutritional value and are therefore unable to saturate for a long time.

Remember that white bread is not only bread and buns, and toast, sandwiches and of course pizza. If you want to stay healthy — choose other dishes for lunch. For example, we love healthy snacks: nuts, pumpkin seeds, protein bars and other protein snacks.


If you are used to sweet Breakfast, leaving on the morning of the most delicious and harmful, do not be surprised that you often feel tired.

Cereals, yoghurts, croissants and other morning products typically contain abnormal dose of sugar, and spikes in blood sugar, as we have said, forcing the body to produce the hormone insulin to lower the glucose level, and encourage the growth of appetite.

We do not encourage you to abandon savory and sweet Breakfast: just include in your diet useful of porridge or cereals that do not contain sugar. Read what are natural analogues of sugar and use them to prepare your favorite dishes.


“What a cheerful morning can be without coffee?”, puzzled you ask and will be absolutely right: the caffeine into the blood and contributing to the intensive development of adrenaline and cortisol, really makes us more energetic.

That’s only in good shape after a Cup of espresso we are very short time. It is also important that coffee is addictive: after a few weeks Coffeemania the body just ceases to respond to this drink, and we all need to become more three-dimensional portions, good cheer.

We recommend you to be careful with coffee and, whenever possible, choose drinks substitutes. Green tea, fresh juice or ginger drink with lemon no worse than coffee to help you Wake up.

“Heavy” meat

Moving from Breakfast to lunch: staunch meat eaters used to eat red meat, should be borne in mind that the digesting of this product the body spends a lot of energy, and this, of course, directly affects the health and productivity.

In addition, the meats, the processed can hurt you more than help enough. In sausage, sausage or smoked meat, generally have little nutritional value and a lot of “outsiders” carbohydrates, consumption of which contributes to fatigue and does not provide a long saturation.

Suggest move carvery Lunches on the weekends or choose to Lunches with small portions of lean meat, which has passed through minimal processing.

Smoked and salted products

Again about the handling: every food that is processed to be stored longer and have a stronger taste, contains almost no nutrients and does not need to be productive energy.

Even the most filling fast food for a number of reasons not suitable for high-quality complete meal: this is very greasy and heavy food, after which I want to relax. The same can be said about any other salted and smoked sneko.

We tried to substitute ordinary fast food useful to prepare simple and healthy snacks that will not harm the figure and will allow all day to stay functional.

Energy drinks

Sad but true: feeling refreshed energy we experience is not due to L-carnitine and taurine contained in its composition, and thanks to sugar and caffeine.

We instantly experienced a shared burst of activity, but after a few hours after the “charged” jar of energy, we tend to have headache and fatigue, and mood deteriorates dramatically.

A noticeable effect of the adoption of energy will not last more than three hours. Is it worth risking your health, getting the heart problems and the pressure and draining the nervous system for diabetes stimulant that causes addiction? We believe it is not.

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