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Named products that can not be consumed with tea

Названы продукты, которые нельзя употреблять с чаемEven the most useful product, if mixed with tea, can lose all its beneficial properties and even harm.

We have compiled a short list of foods that doctors advise not to drink tea together.

Tea with sugar

There is no definite answer otnositelno this “duet.” Some scientists believe that the sugar in the tea can improve a person’s cancer.

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Other experts believe that sugar is harmful only in black tea. Sugar is not recovering useful properties of green tea, but on the contrary strengthen them.

Tea with milk

Tea lot catechins – natural atioxidants. They neutralize free radicals that destroy the cells and cause malignant tumors.

In addition, the catechins prevent the development of diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system. When we add milk to tea – the majority of these beneficial properties just disappears.

Tea with lemon

It is traditional help with colds, but few people know that adding lemon to hot tea impossible. Under high temperatures destroys vitamin C and other valuable components.

To tea with lemon brought some benefit, it is better to wait until the drink has cooled a bit.

Tea with honey

Honey is a much healthier sugar, but again – throwing it in very hot tea can’t.

At temperatures above 40°C in the honey completely destroyed the enzyme diastase. If the temperature is above 60 degrees – the fructose that it contains, is oxidized and turns into a carcinogen. They are able to trigger the development of cancer tumors in the digestive system.

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