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Named products, significantly extending the life

Названы продукты, существенно продлевающие жизньWhat you need to eat to live longer

British scientists have compiled a list of foods, the use of which can protect the body from serious illnesses often cause premature death.

It is first and foremost about the products that are useful for the cardiovascular system — heart disease still leads the world in the number of lost lives.

In the first place — marine fish, rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which are substances vital for the human body.

On the second line — a variety of seeds and nuts. They must be present in your daily diet. Of course, if you are thinking about the health of your heart. And not just the heart — seeds and nuts are good for the brain and other vital organs.

Do not forget about the fruits on the vegetables. The latter, incidentally, are not all equally useful, read about it here.

Those wishing to normalize the heart should be used oils plant-based — in particular, olive and Flaxseed. Plus, should pay attention to products such as brown rice, oatmeal and buckwheat, and other whole grain crops.

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