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Named products are able to stop dementia

Названы продукты, способные остановить деменциюOften eat cucumbers and strawberries.

Contained in cucumbers and strawberries, the connection stops the process of deterioration in memory and saves from the manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease. Such conclusions were made by scientists from Soskovskogo Institute for biological studies (USA), after testing flavonol fisetin on laboratory mice.

It turned out that the Union not only stopped the decline in the quality of memory and intelligence, but also helped to cope with learning problems. Unfortunately, the compound did not affect the formation of amyloid deposits in the brain that cause the symptoms. That means fisetin of bypassing the mechanism of formation of the sediments and affects only the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, means for the complete disposal of cases are still to be found.

Fisetin is a natural component of many fruits and vegetables. Science does not first considering its effect on brain structure. More than 10 years ago has already been shown to effect connections concerning brain neurons: flavonol protects nerve fibers from premature aging due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Also earlier it was found that fisetin slows down the onset of problems with movement and delays the onset of premature death in three models of Huntington’s disease – a genetic disorder that destroys neurons in certain areas of the brain and break the ability of patients to walk, talk and think normally.

A recent discovery suggests that the compound activates the pathway that is associated with the quality memory, and stops the process of age-related degradation of the brain.

Please note:

Flavonol of fisetin a positive effect on the nervous system even of a healthy person.
Large amounts of flavonols contained in simple plant foods, for example, cucumbers and strawberries.

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