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Named one of the most useful products for women’s health

Назван один из самых полезных продуктов для женского здоровьяScientists have proved the benefit of soy for women.

This ingredient in the diet of women can strengthen the bones, say researchers in an article published in Bone Reports.

Scientists have proved the benefit of soy for women with the help of the experiment on rats. Experience set in the laboratory of the University of Missouri in the United States. As experimental animals were made by rodents with weak bones and inactive. Such signs can be observed in women in menopause – a significant reduction of locomotor physical activity and reduction of bone strength.

Group of rats was divided into two parts: first, the ovaries were removed, the second saved. Dietary Supplement for rodents soybeans gave the same result, the bones of all animals in the group became stronger. In addition, the metabolism in test subjects significantly accelerated. As with any serious scientific experiment, was attended by the control group, fed with normal food, without content of soybean. They these effects were not observed.

A research project headed by Professor Pamela Hinton, describing the work of researchers in the article, she noted their conclusions: the inclusion in the diet of soybeans will allow women of any age, not necessarily in menopause, strengthen bone and speed up the metabolism. Scientists recommend eating and soy products: tofu and soy milk. They are also rich in soy protein, which has a positive effect on the body.

The work of the American scientists could put an end to long-standing disputes about the dangers or benefits of soy to the body. It should be noted that in Russia, many are careful to eat soy products, because they believe the GM soya-containing product.

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