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Named easy way fast and effective weight loss

Назван простой способ быстрого и эффективного похуденияScientists have learned how to lose weight in 7 times faster

The work of scientists from the University of North Carolina presented evidence that awareness of their lifestyle and nutrition can be overwhelming force in the fight against obesity.

Consciousness encourages people to change their habits and lose weight faster than by diet, found researchers.

American experts have concluded that raising awareness may lead to behaviour change, which was typed excess weight and also to motivate them to follow more healthy eating habits. The people’s understanding about the harm caused by eating the wrong food and overeating, according to them, can be a more effective way to lose weight than others.

Scientists are invited to experiment with 80 people, which were divided into groups: one followed the diet, and the other was engaged in raising consciousness and meditation. As a result, people from the second group lost, on average, 1.9 kg, 7 times exceeded the average weight loss in another group 270 grams.

According to experts, mindful eating teaches victims of obesity to food choices and that food rituals that effectively allow you to reduce the number of calories consumed. They also believe that mindful eating can help in the fight against diabetes – the study of this aspect, the researchers intend to do in the near future.

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