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Named a previously unknown signs of arthritis

Названы неизвестные ранее признаки артрита7 symptoms of arthritis in addition to pain in the joints

Joint pain is a common symptom of arthritis, however, not the only one. In many cases, patients notice other symptoms indicating the beginning of the development of this disease even before the onset of pain.

There are more than 10 various types of arthritis, each of them corresponds to a specific set of symptoms. Why to watch for these signs? Depending on the type of arthritis, especially in the early stages of detection, the doctor can slow the development of the disease using anti-inflammatory medications and recommendations for lifestyle change. Below is a list of common symptoms for arthritis, the presence of which indicates the need for a doctor’s visit.

The stiffness of the joints. Many people with arthritis feeling joint stiffness. Moreover, the stiffness of the joints, as a rule, more pronounced in the first half of the day while they are still not “warmed up”.

Swelling. Swelling around the joint in the absence of trauma may indicate the development of arthritis. Sometimes noted the appearance of edema towards the end of the day. The swelling is also accompanied by stiffness of joints.

Instability or grinding sounds in the joints. Sometimes the patient with arthritis to notice the appearance of these symptoms, and then feels pain in the joints.

Fatigue. Unlike degenerative arthritis, where the joints “wear out” slowly destroyed, rheumatoid arthritis is a condition in which the immune system attacks the joints. This can lead to inflammation — local (around the joint) or generalized (throughout the body). Systemic inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis, may be accompanied by feeling of extreme fatigue.

Fever or loss of appetite. These 2 symptoms are associated with systemic inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis. Since this pathology is characterized by periods of exacerbation, these symptoms occur periodically.

Redness or rash on the skin. In some cases, patients with arthritis have noted that the skin around the joints looks irritated or red, even in the absence of pain. This form of disease is called “psoriatic arthritis” and can be accompanied by redness and peeling of the skin.

Small range of motion. Wrist or ankle become less mobile than before. Difficulties when performing warm-up exercises, especially if accompanied by pain, may be associated with arthritis.

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