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Named a good reason to feed babies fish

Названы веские причины кормить детей рыбойFish dishes have become a compulsory element of children’s diet.

American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania conducted an experiment in which found that eating fish at least once a week, brings great benefits to children. In particular, fish products improve sleep quality and enhance mental abilities.

The experiment involved 541 children aged 9 to 11 years. Children filled the questionnaires in which, in particular, pointed out, as part of the ate fish in the previous month. They have also passed the text on IQ for so-called “scale of intelligence Wechsler for children.” In its framework experts assessed verbal and nonverbal skills of the children.

Sleep quality specialists evaluated based on the responses of parents. In addition, the experts drew attention to the level of education of parents, their marital status, profession and number of children.

It turned out that the children who every week ate the fish, gaining 4.8 points higher than other participants of the experiment. Also they are less likely to have experienced problems with sleep.

Experts explain that the fish consists of useful omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. They reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, improve functioning of the brain, eyes, nervous system, and promote growth.

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