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Medications that need to be taken with extreme caution

Лекарственные препараты, которые нужно принимать с особой осторожностью In no event it is impossible to mix.

Everyone at least once in life faced with a situation of having to take different drugs at one time. Some medicines can be combined without harm, but there are dangerous combinations of drugs that can lead to death.

Unfortunately, information about the deadly combinations of drugs today is not very widespread, although each person should have to know about this.

Cough medicine and antihistamines

A cough that sell without a prescription, for example, syrups, and antihistamines have similar substances in its composition. Therefore, taking them in one period, there is a risk of overdose.

For those who don’t know about the possible dullness and drowsiness after taking this mix, recall that this is a huge danger if people will drive a vehicle or major equipment.

Even if you accept the remedy for allergies and cough medication the evening, before bedtime, in the morning can feel a big weakness.

Antidepressants and painkillers

Each person that the doctor prescribes antidepressants and painkillers should be aware that taking them together is absolutely impossible. This should be primarily to inform the doctor.

SSRIs (selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake, related to one of the classes of antidepressants) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, often used as analgesics and antipyretics), increase the risk of bleeding in the stomach and esophagus to 600 %, that is 6 times!

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A new study by researchers from the Netherlands proved that the combination of these two drugs more often provokes gastric bleeding than if taking each drug separately.

And SSRIs and NSAIDs— triptan that affect the levels of serotonin. If you take drugs at the same time, this will not only increase the risk of bleeding, but also give unpleasant side effects: fever, shortness of breath and palpitations.

Anticoagulants and aspirin

In many countries, a blood thinner used to reduce blood clots in the blood are considered to be very serious drugs and are dispensed only by prescription.

But aspirin is in every home medicine Cabinet and sold without any prescription. But few know that it also thins the blood. If you take these drugs at the same time, you are risking internal and external bleeding.

Painkillers and sedatives

Continuing the list of dangerous combinations of medicines, can not say about the negative interaction between anticraving drugs and opioid painkillers( eg codeine, morphine).

And those and others act as a sedative. If you take them at the same time, it can greatly reduce the respiratory rate and heart rate, sometimes to a fatal level.

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Such drugs are usually prescribed by different doctors, therefore, each of doctors will not know about appointments another. In this case, the person needs to be careful and to work on this issue. This combination is often fatal due to its effect on the respiratory system of a person.

Acetaminophen and opioids

Despite its popularity, these drugs can be very dangerous if taken in quantities exceeding the recommended dose. People often try to increase the effects of acetaminophen, taking it with drugs that contain codeine. The combination of these 2 drugs can quickly cause severe liver damage.

The study by researchers from Seattle in 2005 showed that 38% of people developed acute liver failure because they accidentally took an overdose of cetaminophen or more than one pill. And those who simultaneously took both pills, acute liver failure developed in 63% of cases.

Sure! Do not self-medicate, follow all the instruction of your doctor, read the instructions carefully and follow all the rules of the medication. Be healthy!

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