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Lose weight correctly: named the five Golden rules of the autumn diet

Худейте правильно: названы пять золотых правил осенней диетыNutritionists have shared the secrets of weight loss in the autumn.

In the fall many people begin to look for a diet that would allow them to lose weight for the New year without harm for health. Since there are only two months before this holiday, nutritionists recommend to look at the autumn diet, because it differs from the popular diets and give you the most benefit not only the figure, but also overall health.

What is autumn diet?

It is a mistake to believe that useful products people have the ability to eat only in the summer, in fact, autumn is also rich in them. Therefore, the concept of “autumn diet” nested use of nature’s gifts, such as: mushrooms, late berries, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, sweet pepper, quinces, apples, onions, garlic, grapes, pears, citrus fruits and so on.

Five Golden rules of the autumn diet:

1. Fractional power. Nutritionists say that for a gradual weight loss and good health a person needs to eat at least 5-6 times a day but in small portions.

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2. To use the majority of the “gifts of autumn”. If you want to become fit and healthy, you have to put aside the desire to eat junk food and drink soda. Autumn diet includes all foods that grow on trees, bushes and under/above ground. They contain a lot of vitamins and few calories, and this will allow you to cleanse the blood vessels from excess cholesterol and get rid of the fat, not from water.

3. Do not chase the result. Even one kilogram per week would be sufficient to for the last month of autumn become lighter by 4-5 kg. Fast diet does not mean that the dropped pounds do not return soon. If you have a lot more excess weight, try to further reduce the calorie content of food, the weight fell faster.

4. Consume at least 1000 calories a day. The daily requirement of your body at all different and to lose weight need to reduce it, but to omit the border below a thousand highly undesirable.

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5. Not to abuse fasting and drink a lot of water. Skip meals in anticipation that the body will get rid of a greater number of pounds, in vain, because it is not good for health and can lead to the opposite result, that is weight gain. And the water should be drinking regularly, it fills the stomach and allows a person a long time not to feel hunger, which is useful for those who are accustomed during the day to eat something without stopping.

It is not necessary to abandon a diet of meats, milk products, whole wheat bread, cereals and pasta from durum wheat, butter and vegetable oil – all these products will complement the autumn diet and if steam, boil, bake, or eat fresh, the extra pounds will gradually disappear.

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