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Legs cover: how to get rid of varicose veins at home

Ножки с обложки: как избавиться от варикоза в домашних условияхEffective treatment folk remedies.

Traditional medicine usually comes to help people, even if they have no money for a serious treatment in expensive clinics. With the help of folk remedies can significantly improve their own health and to get rid of various diseases, unless of course they are not very neglect.

For example, such disease as varicose veins can be cured, if you approach this issue seriously.

How to cure varicose veins using natural remedies:

With nutmeg you can prepare a remedy to combat varicose veins. However, it is important to remember that this nut can be harmful in large quantities, so use it should be no more than two or three grams per day. First nutmeg need to turn in powder, it can be done with an ordinary grater. Then it is necessary to take literally a small scoop of powder packets and mix it in a Cup of boiling water, then in the tool you will need to add a spoonful of fresh honey. Next, the drug must be infused, and then the resulting glass of the drug should be divided into two applications, half to drink before the morning meal and the other half after sixty minutes. Drink this remedy may have in the whole year, but a pleasant result, fortunately, you will notice after only thirty five days.

To treat varicose veins, you can use simple green tomato, are preparing a special night compresses. For cooking this means you must first green tomatoes cut into circles, but they should not be too thin, then the tomatoes must be applied directly to their patients veins and them to fix, for example this can be done with a bandage or gauze. These packs will need to do throughout the whole year, so you need to ensure that the house would always be green tomatoes. A year later, the varicose veins, thus, should be able to cure, the main thing is not to skip the procedure and then the result should be good.

Seeds of Datura, despite the fact that they are very poisonous, often used in folk medicine and with their help prepare medication for varicose veins. The main thing when cooking and when used do not exceed the desired dosage, and then everything will be fine.

To treat varicose veins prepare a special infusion, you need to grind just eighty grams of these seeds with a coffee grinder, so as to prepare the tincture you need it powder. The powder obtained from the seeds pour half a liter of clean and good vodka, and after this tool needs to be put in some dark place in exactly fifteen days. Tincture to stir every two days. To start treatment you need to exactly ten drops of this means medical drops definitely need to use to dilute pure and pleasant water.

This remedy should be drunk before meals only once a day. Every day the number of such drops should be sure to increase just one drop, you need to get exactly twenty-five drops, of course, the treatment usually lasts not more than a month, then it will take time because the body need a rest from this drug. After the body rest, it will be possible to continue the treatment.

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