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In which case the mineral water is harmful to health

В каком случае минералка может навредить здоровьюSome interesting facts emerged about non-carbonated mineral water.

It turns out, water may cause considerable harm to the body. The experts who conducted the study, said that still water can contribute to the deterioration of health is much more than sparkling.

These findings were based on the fact that carbonated water can contain chemical preservatives.

It is also established that the water can add an antibiotic to prolong the shelf life, unlike carbonated water which is stored due to the contained carbon dioxide gas. Experts also noted that despite the abdominal discomfort caused by carbonated water, is much more dangerous to drink water with additives that can be added to water without gas.

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However, to avoid unpleasant consequences, if you buy non-carbonated water not in plastic, but only in glass containers. Also it is important to pay special attention to the storage period, which should be no more than one month.

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