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How to recover after a vacation

Как прийти в себя после отпускаIt often happens that after the holidays is the feeling of freshness, energy and positivity, a person enveloped in apathy, fatigue and drowsiness.

“Often we feel more relaxed and inspired before the holiday than after it. It is connected primarily with the fact that any vacation is stressful for the body because of the change activities and other routine. Also, we are often faced with disappointment after the release, since investing in a trip a lot of strength and hope for a great pastime, that his idea is unrealistic,” – said the psychologist Ekaterina Melnikova.

According to E. Melnikova, often happens and so that leave a huge amount of spare time, one begins to look critically at themselves and their life, which can lead to frustration and loss of sense of life.

“In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary to allow the holiday to be creative and spontaneous. Should be ready for all the unpleasant things that can happen in advance. It is very important to enter and exit the home gradually: to allocate yourself at least a day or two before and after the trip for a leisurely completion of household chores, meetings with friends and family and build future plans,” – said the expert.

The psychologist also stressed that if you are already experiencing syndrome postvacation depression, then, firstly, you need to allow yourself to act in a slow and relaxed rhythm at least a couple of days.

“Do not try to immediately respond to all important emails and solve all the accumulated over your absence at work. Also in these days it is very important to find time for other pleasures: visit family, go to an exhibition or to the theatre, have a romantic dinner and so on. It will make your life after the holidays is not as grey as it might seem at first. If the vacation you spent in nature, then you can also experience the symptoms of oxygen starvation. That is why also, in the first week after the holidays it is important to go to bed early, getting outside in the fresh air and not to visit the gym for two to three weeks,” – concluded E. Melnikov.

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