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How to recognize cataracts: symptoms

Как распознать катаракту: первые симптомыKnowing the signs of cataracts will help you recognize the beginning of this terrible disease.

Check whether it is time you run to the ophthalmologist? First you need the steps to assess the risk that may face you.

There are no miracles. There are no magic ointments and drops any tablets will not be the same sight without a special surgery.

Therefore, the most reliable way cataracts is prevention. It is reliable, predictable and free. And as for proof, the world health organization reminds that 80 percent of all visual impairment can be prevented if the time to notice the emerging problem and to take measures to prevent it.

But first you need the steps to assess the risk that can threaten you, suggest ophthalmologists the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, according to the health info.

The FIRST STEP is to assess the risk age. According to the who, from forty years 17% of people is already on the verge the initial stage of cataract (another thing is that most of them do not yet know). After 70 – 75 years cataract have almost 90% of people.

The SECOND STEP is to “walk” on relatives. Cataract is not wholly a hereditary disease, however, if your grandparents or someone of the parents suffered from this disease, we cannot exclude this factor. In some cases, the disease can also develop under the influence of external factors, for example, due to injury, radiation, certain related diseases.

The THIRD STEP was to compare the symptoms. Here are the most common of them:

* Blur the picture – it is possible that the crystalline lens becomes cloudy and stops letting light in. In 48% of cases of cataract blindness is to blame.

* Loss of visual acuity – for example, too early to see a road sign a hundred meters for you was no problem, and now have to strain. The reason to guard!

* Strengthening of myopia or, conversely, hyperopia is can appear during the development of opacities in the Central part of the lens.

* Change in color perception.

* To change the color of the pupil. It usually looks black, but with the development of cataract can acquire a grayish or yellowish tint, and prolonged cataract, the pupil becomes completely white.

* Increased or decreased sensitivity.

* Glare from headlights, lamps and the sun, deterioration of night vision.

This is only the first symptoms that should alert you, but the final diagnosis can only ask the doctor. Contact your ophthalmologist. You must order the tests for visual acuity, the state of the retina and optic nerve.

By the WAY

Breakthrough in medicine: cataracts are now treated, growing the crystalline lens inside the eye! Before you decide to replace the lens in humans, scientists have tested his method on rabbits and monkeys. First, they removed the lenses in the eyes, and then restored them using the developed method – that is, stimulating the growth of stem cells and turning them into a new lens.

As a result, animal eye recovered after an average of seven weeks. While they had still one hundred percent vision.

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