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How to get rid of calluses and corns: simple tips

Как избавиться от мозолей и натоптышей: простые советыLegs is without a doubt one of the most “used” parts of our body.

They represent our entire weight and force of blows, they accumulate the greatest tension.

Over time and in the absence of proper care on the feet can develop blisters and appear blisters and corns. It causes severe discomfort and even pain.

Calluses and corns can appear on the skin of the feet for the same reasons, usually due to excessive friction or pressure on a certain area of the skin. As a result, it becomes hard and gets an unpleasant yellowish tint.

Nevertheless, it’s not the same:

Blisters can occur in the most unexpected place on our skin. For example, between the toes or in the place of lifting of the foot. They are very painful if you touch them.

Corns usually larger in size and appear on the feet (so called) or on the palms (here we called them often, of course, calluses). They don’t cause us pain.

And in that and in other case, you can use pharmaceuticals to solve problems. However, if you prefer something more natural, then you have found what you were looking for. The experts of the “Step to health” spoke about natural remedies for calluses and corns.

When you have a very painful blister, then in most cases the pain is concentrated in the middle of the affected area of the skin exposed to constant pressure or friction. As a result, the inflammation worsens.

Due to the high content of antioxidants and compounds with the soothing properties of lemons effectively soften hardened skin, and soft corn is not so “t” and not so sore.

Castor oil

If your calluses and corns is really very solid, this tool can be your best solution to this problem.

It has long been used to treat various skin diseases. Castor oil really softens the calluses and corns, if you mix with warm water and soap.

Simply soak the feet in this liquid for some time, and then go over the skin with a pumice stone. The method is quite quick and painless.


Onions are rich in nutrients and strong acids, which can neutralize the infection and strengthen the immune system.

In addition, onion juice softens rough areas and calluses and corns and speeds up the process of getting rid of dead skin cells.

You just need to tie the bow directly to the affected area and apply a bandage (1 or 2 days) to juice able to penetrate deeply into the skin tissue and soften it.

Baking soda

This tool is available to all and certainly there have in the kitchen or in the pantry. Soda perfectly exfoliates the skin, protects it from harmful external factors and supports her well.

Can hold the feet in water with dissolved in it baking soda to soften your calluses and corns.

Once the dead skin will fall off, the soda from the newly formed layer will provide protection against various bacteria and fungal infections.


Garlic is one of the best antioxidants that exist. This is a very important source of nutrients, so it is widely used in culinary and for medicinal purposes.

Powerful acid and compounds included in garlic, particularly allicin, help to improve leg health and reduce inflammation.

In addition, it is a great natural antibacterial agent that can protect your feet from infections.


When you massage any part of your body, you will thus increase blood flow to this area.

The blood sated with oxygen can help remove dead skin cells, stimulating the formation of new cells, which “pushed” them to the surface.

Massage also helps to soften the hardened skin covering the calluses and corns, and facilitates their removal.


Papaya is an amazing fruit that can bring to your health incredible benefits. So if possible, it would be nice to use it in the food regularly.

Local application of papaya also possible. This is exactly our case, because it also helps to remove calluses and corns.

Simply squeeze out the papaya juice and gently massage them “affected area” of the skin. The dead skin will disappear much faster due to its astringent properties of this fruit.

Thus, the process of tissue healing is significantly faster.


Most people associate the aspirin only with a headache, but these pills also help to effectively lower blood pressure, because they are anticoagulant.

It promotes blood flow to the hands and feet, which is where most corns and laptopcase.

Take aspirin sparingly, then (in addition to the above properties) it will accelerate more and the formation of new skin cells.

Epsom Salts

It’s not the most fast-acting remedy, but one of the most effective.

Put Epsom salt in the tub with hot water and soak her feet for 10-15 minutes. This will help you to soften hard skin and facilitate thus its removal (with pumice or blades).

And all thanks to a mixture of mineral and organic compounds contained in the salt.

Just do not scrape your skin too much, as you can put her at risk of infections and other complications.

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