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How to drink two liters of water a day

Как выпивать два литра воды в деньHow to drink more truly useful to life-giving water every day and turn it into a useful habit.

It is difficult to come to normal in 2 liters of water a day. But gradually it may become a good habit and here is how to speed up the process.

The first glass
Put a glass of water beside the bed and drink it first thing as you Wake up. This starts the metabolic processes in the body and in the first minute of a new day you’ve done a tenth normal water.

In a glass, you can add the lemon juice, it will make the morning water is still healthier.

A bottle with a
Bring a small bottle of plain water: 200, 300, or 500 milliliters. Drink half or the whole on the way to work and on the way home, so you have added two cups of 10.

Not all at once
Do not scare the body with large amounts of water dramatically. Add the habit gradually: start with a glass Cup in the morning and at lunchtime the next day, drink a bottle of water on the way to work and home, then add more water.

Just need to smash 10 glasses for a week, adding 1-2 every day.

Drink less other drinks
Often we drink tea or soda when we feel daidu. But they are less useful than prostova clean water, have a diuretic effect that reduces the desire to drink more plain water.

Please note: drinks with sugar and additives do not quench thirst, only increases it. Plain water is better and healthier than any soda, if you drink it in day 2 liters, and sudden attacks of acute thirst to happen will not.

Chart with markers
Weekly draw graphics with words when you have to drink a glass of water. When awakening, when leaving the house, on the road, when he came into the office, at lunchtime, before leaving the office, when I came home, and so on.

It is not recommended to drink water an hour before bedtime. Each drunk a glass to mark and count to know exactly have you fulfilled your quota.

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