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How to cleanse the body with plain water

 Как очистить организм обычной водойOf great importance for the health and longevity of a person has a clean internal environment in the human body.

She provided a healthy diet and optimal activity as well as using a cleansing breath, fasting, receiving enough water, the steam bath, and several other tools.

The administration of large doses of alcohol, Smoking and overeating, eating mostly cooked food, lack of exercise lead to the formation of large amounts of toxins in the body and its contamination by decomposition products.

Clogged the body brings us a lot of trouble. Toxins accumulating in the nervous system can cause increased irritability and depression. The heart becomes weak, develops bloating and bad breath, appear on the skin spots. The occurrence of any of these symptoms means the beginning of a process of auto-intoxication of the organism – in other words, the body begins to poison itself due to improper digestive system.

Full body cleansing is necessary for every person. The cleansing of the body requires eating the right food and nutrients in the correct proportions. For detoxification, you must avoid alcohol and Smoking. Complete cleansing of the body stimulates the elimination of toxins and enables the use of large amounts of fluid– at least 8 glasses of water a day, says Yuri Konstantinov in the book “cleanse the body of folk remedies”.

Those who do not wish to cleanse their bodies in isolation – the intestines, liver, kidneys, etc., we can offer a lightweight method that at least partially relieve you of toxins.

Purification of boiled water

This method allows you to get rid of chronic constipation, normalize weight, to establish the correct functioning of the skin, very gently and gradually bring the sand and stones from the kidney, gallbladder, liver.

In the process of such cleaning may experience minor aches and pains, which will be a indication that the cleansing process goes correctly and the body additionally gets rid of toxins and poisons. In the absence of chronic diseases no pains will not be.

The essence of this method is to 30 minutes before Breakfast on an empty stomach every morning to drink a Cup of boiling water. Drink hot water should be small SIPS, sipping, and slowly (although drinking boiling water is quite difficult otherwise). Water should be boiled and a temperature you can tolerate your lips, not burning. This course is designed for a long time – 6 months. During this time are pain in the spine disappears excess fat in problem areas, and the bones become more flexible.

Anyone familiar with yoga poses, do this: sit up straight on a chair – back and legs at right angles. Close your eyes and listen to your body. Then begin to drink prepared with hot water.

Drink it slowly with breaks. He drank, put your hands palms down on his knees. Close your eyes again and listen to your body. Then, slowly, lie down on the floor, on a Mat on your stomach.

Put your hands palms down at shoulder level, chin on the floor in front of him. Start slowly raise your head and try to look over your left shoulder on the heel of the right foot. When you lift your head, hold your attention on the thyroid, then on the spine between the shoulder blades, then lower back. When you fall, hold your attention on the lower back, then the spine between the shoulder blades, on the thyroid gland, that is in the reverse order. When you lift the head, allowed to get up on his hands, but do not remove your elbows from the floor. In the next step, turning his head over his right shoulder, try to look at the heel of the left foot.

This gymnastics move liquid drunk in the gastrointestinal tract, stretch your spine. You will feel in body, lightness and slimness.

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