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How men choose a woman

Как мужчины выбирают себе женщинуPsychologists have described what they’re looking at males when choosing a worthy wife.

You pay attention to men? Legs, chest, face? Or do, choose a companion for the deeper qualities.

1. Kindness
Psychologists argue that every guy on the level of genetics inherent desire to create a family, and the woman was always a homemaker. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

2. Natural
Nobody is talking about the complete absence of makeup or a waiver of hygiene. Just change yourself to be very careful. A woman who is happy with their appearance, exudes an aura of serenity and reliability.

3. Beauty
Each representative of the male half of humanity has their own idea of beauty. But a few unites all women – the proportion of forms and beautiful skin. Take note!

4. Character
Smart girl, she is able to organize his life, will always be in favor. Of course, the man needs to have a chance to save his beloved from the small everyday troubles, but if everything turns into chaos, then people will immediately understand that in this chaos and to live with him.

5. Household skills
Just to remind you that the way to a man’s heart still is through his stomach, even if you are able to dine in the best restaurant – the ability to cook not never hurt.

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