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How do you know that you need to drink less coffee

Как узнать, что вам нужно меньше пить кофеHow many times the caffeine in coffee, tea and chocolate helped people during stressful situations or in cases of impotence.

But if it is misused too often, it can easily turn into poison.

According to doctors, the maximum dose of caffeine is 400 mg a day – about four cups of coffee. However, best adults need to consume 200 mg of caffeine a day to feel fresh. Teenagers should not be consumed more than 100 mg, and children under 10 years it is better to avoid it.

The slightest overdose of caffeine may even affect the person’s mood and appearance. Experts also note that the peak effect of caffeine occurs within 2 hours after consumption, so it is better to refuse coffee, tea and dark chocolate at least 4 hours before bedtime.

9 signs of caffeine overdose:

Causeless anxiety;
Redness of the face;
Heart palpitations;
Muscle twitching;
Problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
Fragmentary thoughts;
Incoherent speech.

If the overdose is mild, and you just get nervous, with time it should pass. Just don’t take better caffeine 48 hours in any form. When more serious symptoms, contact your doctor.

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