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Happy families are alike: what are the secrets of couples

Счастливые семьи похожи: в чем секреты крепкой парыA strong marriage is not only love, mutual understanding and coincidence of interests of two people.

Happy family is the result of extensive work by both spouses. Leo Tolstoy wrote that all happy families are like one another.

FACTS. Most people entering into a marriage planning for a long and happy family life, full of love and understanding. In fact, Ukraine is in the top three in the number of divorces. Our country is falling apart every third family. While 50-60% divorce rate for young couples have not lived together for two years. In addition to many of the problems faced by young men after marriage, there is one fundamental. Ukrainian youth do not know how to build a strong relationship. It is not taught. A positive example of parents is also rare. Is to rely only on their strength, learn to appreciate, love and understand the person next to you. Where do you start?

To COMMUNICATE. Communication – the Foundation of a strong marriage. Unsaid, the hidden resentments, dissatisfaction with partner, and marriages. If you are going to live with a man your whole life and you will learn to speak with your loved one, discussing all of the problems in your life together.

MISTAKES, QUARRELS, DISPUTES. There are not couples who never fight. Disputes and quarrels are a normal process that occurs in any family. Another question is how often there are quarrels and how they end. In strong families try to find a compromise, discussing the issue. Unhealthy alliances, partners begin to take revenge on each other, trying to hurt.

TOGETHER AND APART. Happy couple love to relax and have fun together. They also have no problem with separate vacations with your friends. And no one will for this reason be in hysterics. You must understand that shared leisure time and shared interests together. However, each of the partners needs to be its own “island” of interest. Own life, Hobbies help couples to stay interesting for each other.

MONEY. One of the most frequent causes of divorce is financial problems. To make your marriage collapsed under the weight of financial difficulties, you should initially have the same attitude to money. If financial matters you have absolutely opposing views, not without problems.

VALUES. Shared values, shared plans and commitment – is what unites you. Different religions, cultural and political views – all this must sooner or later make themselves felt. Of course, such pairs exist and happen strong and happy unions. But this is just the exception to the rule.

SUPPORT. Throughout life we face a lot of negativity, problems, setbacks and failures. And who does not like native people will support, understand and inspire new attempts at achieving the goal. Happy couples support each other in any situation, sincerely believing in the abilities and talents of their partner.

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