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Habits that can ruin your hair

Привычки, которые могут испортить ваши волосы There are bad habits that drain and make our lifeless hair.

We have collected have collected 7 “enemies” of the hair, which take their vitality, dry and crush them.


No hair drier or other tools can not do. However, make sure that your devices are not overheated. When heated, the hair loses natural moisture, appear dry and damaged ends.

A strong contraction

“Dulce” and the tails of ponies, no doubt in the trend. However too much tightening of hair elastic or barrette, leads to brittle ends and weak roots.

The rejection of conditioning

Don’t forget during shampooing, use the conditioner. This rule, which you should follow if you want to have beautiful hair. Its absence leads to dry hair. The result is brittle, posacenere.

Poor nutrition

Your hair is a reflection of what you eat. The lack of vitamins and protein can make your hair thinner. Never skip Breakfast and make sure you eat food which nourishes your hair (for example, almonds or eggs).

The use of too many chemicals

Excessive chemicals can damage your hair. Make sure that you are not fond of the colouring keratin-based straightening or any other procedures that use chemicals. This can lead to extreme hair damage and breakage.

Sleep on a cotton pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases cause friction and lead to damage of the hair. For healthy hair sleep on a silk pillowcase so your hair does not lose natural moisture. You can also wrap your hair in silk or satin scarf.

Combing hair from top to bottom

Make sure you use the correct technique to comb Your hair. Divide your hair into four sections and gently comb hair from the bottom up. Thus, your hair will not break. In addition, it is an easier way to untangle tangled hair.

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