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Google has announced a new method of training artificial intelligence

Google анонсировала новый способ тренировки искусственного интеллектаGoogle will teach artificial intelligence with a smart phone

Google has released the announcement of the new forms of training artificial intelligence – Learning Federated.

The program includes individual training for each smartphone and then send the sample data to the company’s servers. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

On the basis of many individual changes, the company forms a single update which a centrally dispatched users. Federated Learning is already used in the Gboard keyboard for Android smartphones.

When Gboard provides the user with a few words, presumably matching the meaning, the user selects one and ignores the other, or enters his option. Google receives information about the choice made is the overall statistics, further improving the automatic selection of words. To do this, the search giant uses its own engine training neural networks TensorFlow.

As explained Google in an official blog post, the approach provides increased privacy as the data is used to improve the application, don’t leave the device users.

Apps on smartphones samosovershenstvovaniya without a Central server so each user will feel improvement in a short time. In addition, the system is optimized in such a way as not to degrade the performance of the battery and keep the CPU performance. Learning takes place only in idle mode when smartphone is connected to the outlet and free wireless network.

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