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West pushing Moscow toward ‘artificial’ default – Kremlin

Western countries are trying to engineer an artificial default in Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday. There is no reason for the country to renege on its obligations, he added. During a briefing with journalists, Peskov was asked whether the recent EU sanctions against Russia’s central securities depository, …

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US engineering artificial Russian default – analyst

The latest US decision to not extend the general license waiver that allows Russia to make sovereign debt payments is an attempt to force the sanctions-hit nation into an “artificial default,” according to Kyle Shostak, the director & CEO at Navigator Principal Investors. The move will “effectively turn Russia’s liabilities …

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China builds artificial moon

China has built an artificial moon on Earth that simulates low-gravity conditions – the first of its kind. The facility is expected to play a key role in China’s future lunar missions. Speaking on Tuesday, scientist Li Ruilin, from the China University of Mining and Technology, said that the artificial …

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‘Artificial Sun’ hits record temperature

A clean energy experiment known as the ‘Artificial Sun’ reached a temperature of 70,000,000C, and held it for more than 17 minutes, during trials in China. The program aims to mimic natural reactions occurring within stars. On Thursday, Chinese scientists set a new record, as their Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak …

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China fires up its ‘artificial sun’

According to the institute’s vice director, Song Yuntao, the experiment is aimed at upgrading the EAST auxiliary heating system to make the artificial sun “hotter” and more “durable.” The testing is expected to last for a half year. The EAST reactor was designed to replicate the nuclear fusion process carried …

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