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Five drinks, best detox

Пять напитков, лучше всего выводящих токсиныIt’s tasty and healthy.

Blueberries — a very useful berry. Prepare on its basis space a smoothie of unreal color. It is not only delicious but also very nutritious drink. Smoothie with blueberries nourishes the body with healthy antioxidants and gently cleanses it from toxins and other unnecessary substances.

A smoothie with dates and banana

Dates and bananas — a delicious combination. To enjoy this mix, it is only necessary to make smoothie with dates and banana. It’s simple and quick, but very tasty. The dates and bananas add to this the drink a nice sweetness, so you can consider the smoothie a dessert alternative.

Smoothies with fruit and spinach

All supporters of a healthy lifestyle know that green smoothies are classified as the most useful. I advise you to treat yourself and your body a smoothie with fruit and spinach. The drink is not only will give you amazing taste and refreshing in hot weather, but will also help to gently cleanse the body of toxins.

Smoothie coconut water

Coconut water — known “super”. If you want to stay healthy and to have a great metabolism, you will include it in your diet. Typically, coconut water drink in its purest form. On its basis, prepare delicious and healthy drinks and desserts. For example, smoothies for coconut water.

Smoothie with pear and Kale

Kale has a positive effect on the human body. She nourishes it with vitamins, improves digestion and helps eliminate toxins. Combine the Kale with any fruits and vegetables. We especially like the smoothie with pear and Kale.

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