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First aid for sprain

Первая помощь при растяжении связокA sprain is a very common injuries that occur during sudden movements that exceed the allowable range of motion of the joint.

Our body is constantly exposed to strain, so very often suffers from injuries.

The most common of these is a sprain, while this happens in most cases with bands on the legs. How to understand that you have damaged the ligament and what to do in this case, read on. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Signs of stretching
Despite the flexibility, the ligaments can be affected as a result of unsuccessful jump, or fall if you slipped. This injury always fails with:

the pain with emphasis on the foot/hand and when you try to move the affected area;

sharp piercing pain in the quiescent state;

redness and swelling in the affected area;
the appearance of a bruise.

Depending on the severity of symptoms can be identified and the complexity of the injury – severe swelling, bruising and pain indicate a ligament tear. In any case, it is better to see a doctor and do an x-ray to rule out any sprains and fractures of the bones that often accompany sprains.

First aid
First aid is very important when you damage the ligaments because of incorrect behaviour or ignoring symptoms can lead to worsening of the injury.

Remove the shoes from the affected limb, otherwise increased swelling will make it difficult and painful.

Immobilize leg/hand and place it on an elevated surface (a balance beam, a bag, armrest of sofa, cushion).

Apply to the injured place a cold compress – ice, a bottle of cold water, soaked in cold water towel). This will help reduce swelling.

Ensure immobility of the affected space with an elastic bandage or splint (can be made of boards or other flat solid object).

Take analgesic medication based on ibuprofen or diclofenac.

Treatment tensile
If the x-rays showed fractures and no dislocation, and stretching is not complicated, the cast is not necessary, rather a bandage of elastic bandage. But to take care of complete rest the affected limb is necessary, the healing process will be faster.

To do the warming treatments like warm compresses, UHF or electrophoresis is possible only after all descend swelling and hematoma, otherwise you can provoke inflammation of damaged tissue and development of bacteria. To do this, you need to do cold compresses, apply special ointments that has anti-inflammatory, resolving and healing properties.

In complex sprain and strain may need surgery in which the doctor will restore the integrity of tissues, and then impose a plaster Longuet. Further treatment is aimed at removing inflammation and swelling. In addition, the mandatory use of antibiotics, which will prevent the process of nagnoenia the injured area.

When gently stretching the full recovery process takes about 5-6 weeks, in severe case, it can take up to six months. In any case, even after a complete recovery of the ligament to refrain from strenuous activity, long walks and high heels will have approx a month as your body is still weak and the risk of getting injured again are very high.

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