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Fat-burning diet: weight loss for the week of 4 kg

Жиросжигающая диета: потеря веса за неделю от 4 кгWith this diet you can get rid of fat and not fluid.

Most diets are efficient, but losing weight losing mainly fluid, so after 1-2 weeks diet dropped pounds come back. So nutritionists have developed a new diet which acts precisely on the fat cells and allows to save the results of your weight loss for a long time.

Gyrosigma rules of the diet:

– to reduce the amount of starchy carbs;

– to give up sugar;

– drink at least three liters of water a day;

– Breakfast should take place in the first two hours after the man woke up;

– required 4 times per day to sit at the table to eat.

Breakfast on gyrosigma diet

Nutritionists recommend for Breakfast eat protein foods: cheese, eggs, boiled lean meat, yogurt, milk, hard cheese with low fat content; nuts, fish or seafood. Also, be sure to eat a serving of fruits or vegetables from this list: citrus, apples, pears, strawberries, cherries, dried fruit, and all non-starchy vegetables, i.e., potatoes and legumes banned. Choose one product from the list of allowed and have Breakfast with them.

Lunch on gyrosigma diet

Lunch should include protein foods, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates. Allowed proteins and fruits and vegetables are listed in the Breakfast menu, but the carbohydrate foods you can take from this list: whole wheat or rye bread, rice or buckwheat porridge, pasta from durum wheat.

Afternoon tea at gyrosigma diet

Afternoon tea the same as lunch, i.e. proteins, carbohydrates and fruits, vegetables. But it should consist of another set of products (to avoid boring the same), and also should halve the amount of food.

Dinner for gyrosigma diet

In the evening you can eat foods from those lists that are allowed for Breakfast. Turns out that dinner will consist of a serving of protein and 1 fruit or vegetable.

Strictly observing the rules gyrosigma diet, you will be able to get rid of a few pounds of fat in just one week.

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