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Explained to doctors who cannot eat fat

Медики объяснили, кому нельзя есть сало Expert opinions were divided.

This product has many nutritional properties, but not all of it can be used. Fat contains valuable oleic fatty acid (40%), which has anti-inflammatory and prevents premature aging.

The content of oleic fatty acid fat almost caught up with olive oil.

What is the value of fat

In a number of solid fatty products doctors special place put pork fat, which is endowed with a truly rare set of unsaturated fatty acids. It turned out, for example, that the fat contains arachidonic acid, which is referred to one of the four essential fatty acids.

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Arachidonic acid incorporated into the phospholipids, which form the basis of cell membranes, and it is necessary for the signaling cells as an inflammatory mediator. Arachidonic acid ensures proper operation of the bone is liable to answer for the growth of bone cells, heart muscle, kidneys, takes part in cholesterol metabolism.

Which fat to use

The product must be fresh (not more than 3 days) and frozen.
Not to be boiled, fried, smoked or roasted.
To consume in very small quantities: floor-one phalanx of the thumb.

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Not be used fat

Fat is a fat that is high-calorie product. If you are trying to lose weight, don’t overuse this product.

Fat has a choleretic effect and people with inflammation of the gall bladder or pancreas, you should use it with caution.

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