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Experts suggested how to lose weight on the green diet

Эксперты подсказали, как похудеть на «зеленой» диетеThere are many different diets and methods of losing weight.

For those who want to not only lose unwanted pounds but also to cleanse the body of toxins, developed by green diet. This is the most suitable option for so-called slimming-Lite and detox.

Based on the name of the diet, it’s necessary to eat products green. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

As a rule, all green foods are low in calories but rich in fiber. Fiber works like a brush that will clean out toxins and remnants of poorly digested food, and low calories will allow you to gradually lose excess weight, but stay full.

Especially green diet

Relatively speaking, the green diet is a diet, consisting, as far as possible, of foods green.

For example, fruits: green apples, avocado, lime, pear, green grapes, kiwi, pomelo, green gooseberries, and others.

Vegetables: asparagus, most types of cabbage (cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, romanesco, etc.), spinach, cucumbers, greens (onions, parsley, dill, etc.), zucchini, green pepper, celery, lettuce, all leafy vegetables, green peas and others.

Why are they? The fact is that with rare exceptions (e.g., avocado) green products contain minimal amount of calories, but rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals. In nature, vegetables and fruit find green color due to the action of the pigment chlorophyll. In addition to emerald green, this ingredient gives the product the ability to strengthen our immune system and improve metabolism.

From a scientific point of view

In addition, the green diet is a diet quality products that it contains, suppress the appetite. Numerous studies by psychologists have shown that products of bright colors (red, yellow, orange) and bright food (for example, polit oil, frosting, gelatin or sauce) on a subconscious level to stimulate the appetite. While products are quiet shades, especially the green tones, do not cause pronounced impulses to eat. In other words, red bell pepper looks like for our brain is much more appetizing than the same, but green. So, if you want to eat less, not to overload the stomach, and gradually get rid of excess weight, it makes sense to choose green products.

Nutritionists also advocate the use of fresh vegetables and fruits green. Besides the fact that these foods are rich in nutrients and well-digested, many of them (for example, cucumbers, Kale, green apples, pears, quince) contain a “magic” substance — tartronovaya acid. The beauty of this acid that it dramatically slows down the process of lipogenesis — that is, transformation of carbohydrates into fats.

Strictly speaking, saturating the menu with foods that contain tartronovaya acid that you almost never leave the body of a chance to accumulate fat.

Sample menu for the day

Perhaps there are such fanatics slimming who believe in the significant benefits of green diet, completely and dramatically change your diet, trying to make your breakfasts, Lunches and dinners entirely of green foods. It is not necessary to go into extremes! The body’s need for protein and a minimum amount of fat (without which, incidentally, many of the vegetables just do not digest and become useless) has not been canceled. So, you need to try keeping the common sense to make up their daily menu of products is not only green and low-calorie, but useful in the conventional sense.

For example:

Breakfast: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese, 1 Cup of nonfat yogurt; 2 green Apple, green tea;

Second Breakfast: a handful of pine nuts, 1 tbsp bran;

Lunch: any light soup (e.g. fish, Turkey, or veggie), salad from fresh cabbage and cucumbers (you can add 1 tsp of olive oil and a little soy sauce); after an hour — any fruit;

Dinner: any meat or fish steamed or grilled; lettuce, leafy vegetables with 50 g of cheese (season with 1 tsp of olive oil);

An hour before sleep: 2 egg whites.

Of course, the sample menu does not interfere the whole range of recommended products. But then it is easy to experiment yourself: try to keep the diet were rich enough high-quality protein (lean meat, fish, dairy products, eggs) contain fats, but not more than 30-40 g per day, and, of course, was filled with fresh vegetables and fruits green.

Also, don’t forget to drink a day about 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water.

Small caveat regarding the green diet and the perfect time for those or other products: vegetables you can eat for almost the whole day (until 22 hours is definitely) easy protein product (e.g., fat-free yogurt, or egg protein) you can eat even at night, slow carbohydrates (apart from vegetables, cereals, wholegrain bread, toast) than in the first half of the day, fruit can not eat after 17 hours.

Green diet promises fast and total weight loss — to lose 5 kg in 3 days definitely will not work. But to pull a figure to get rid of a few pounds for 2-3 weeks to improve the skin and uplift this diet definitely.

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