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Experts suggested how to improve memory

Эксперты подсказали, как быстро улучшить память Good memory – the key to success.

In the human brain there are about a hundred billion neurons. Connecting among themselves, these nerve cells create a complex network. Thanks to her, our memory functions, we are able to process and memorize large amounts of information.

Experts gave recommendations which allow to keep in memory the necessary information. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Memory and stress

The most dangerous enemy of our memory is stress. In such situations, it is necessary to relax, close your eyes, take a deep breath and recall the moment that you would like to remember.

If you learn, then from time to time need to pause. Relax and remember you have just completed the material. This will make it easier to digest.

If you need to memorize large amounts of material, draw diagrams and pictures.

Thus you will be easier to remember the information.

Feel the interest that you need to remember, and think about why you need it.

Our memory is in tune with our feelings and emotions, receiving from them a large number of incentives.

Which leads to the so-called blackouts?

This usually occurs because of neglect.

We better remember information when they write and make notes. It is therefore recommended to make notes or record information in the diary. Thanks to them, in the future we can once again repeat the material covered.

Memory and information

When we don’t understand what was going on, it becomes more difficult to remember information.

If we are focusing on the understanding of ideas or concepts between elements of the latter are set. They combine a variety of data and concepts, with the result that we have formed a clear image of the idea.

Similar concepts are best remembered if they are to classify.

For example, you want to make a to-do list. Can highlight a few items: household chores, work issues, vacation, etc. Denoting these groups, you will be easier to remember the information.

You can also combine the information into the group, positioning elements of each of them in alphabetical order.

Equally useful to repeat in the hearing the information you wish to remember.

Utterance of the word in the ear makes us to think about how it is pronounced. As a result, we remain the memory about this.

To better consolidate the information in memory, do not forget to do the drawings.

If you have to memorize new information, we first need to associate it with what you already know.

Communication of new ideas with existing memories will make it easier to digest and subsequently to recover the information. The Association of the new with the already known to tightly bind these concepts.

For example, if you want to remember a person’s name, associate it with features of his appearance or any other characteristics.

Even if in this regard a little logic, it will be easier to remember.

How not to forget what we already know? One of the most effective techniques of repetition of the lessons is to explain information to another person.

Recommendations that will strengthen the memory

1. Length of words and numbers

It’s the perfect way of remembering long numbers. Each digit should be replaced by a word that contains the same number of letters, then make them a phrase.

The longer the number, the more efficient this way.

2. Think of the story

Create a story that reflects the concepts and ideas that you need to remember.

Our memory retains the concepts integrated into the plot than individual words.

3. Chain

This method is similar to the previous one. Our brains better assimilate absurd stories than stories based on logic.

So if you need to memorize a list of words or any other idea, think of a story that would include all these concepts. However, it can be quite absurd.

4. Rule first letters

Make a simple phrase that starts with the first letters of words you need to remember.

Such phrases can be funny or ironic. In this case, they will be easier to remember. Can come up with a new non-existent word from the first letters of the words that I want to remember.

5. Rule place

This technique is based on the Association of words with familiar to us route.

For example, you can associate the words with the rooms of his apartment. Mentally walk around the apartment, tying each familiar object with the concept that you need to remember.

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